Willkommen in St. Alouarn Ablagerungen im südlichen Finistère in der Nähe von Quimper

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 Welcome to Finistere in Bretagne, the country's half a world where you could breathe in your home in the verdant countryside or coast finely cut.

Cornwall welcomes you with pride for you to discover its many faces and traditions and take you from city to country and port range.

Here in St. Alouarn you're halfway to Quimper, capital of Cornwall, where the kings reigned Gradlon top arrows of the Cathedral of Saint Corentin, and Douarnenez, traditional fishing port in Brittany. A few miles is Locronan, a small town to look Moyan âgeux very little distant from the sandy beaches of the Atlantic.


Gite de<br />
France no 11160 Le gîte 11160, 'seaward' called gîte arMor.
Gîte de<br />
France 11161 Le gîte 11161, 'wood side' called gîte arGoat.


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